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Small business marketing tips

Marketing tips for a small but mighty team.

An interesting article I read from Marketo highlighted certain things a small team could implement to achieve real impact and value. I've included the ones I support and endorse below...along with a bit of context.

Chatbots: engage with your audience when they’re on your website

I find this to be an intriguing concept for professional service firms. Fairly inexpensive and easily to add to a website, chatbots are powerful tools that can help your small team communicate with your audience on your most important platform -- your website. Chatbots can help qualify and route leads and can be even further streamlined when synced with a CRM system.

Direct mail: outsource and win

Say what? Many think direct mail is old school and ineffectual. But, in a world that is increasingly digital, direct mail can be impactful…especially if paired with a free introductory service or consultation or discount on services rendered.

Digital campaigns: succeed with cross-functional teams

Digital can include things like paid social ads, SEO, retargeting, paid media or sponsorships, and much more. Using digital strategically can greatly enhance existing campaigns to help reach target audiences for minimal cost and effort.

Email strategy: capitalize on behavior-driven campaigns

Email marketing can generate significant revenue at little to no cost—which is why more than 300 billion emails are sent each day. Behavior-triggered email programs are better then spamming inboxes because they are based on the customer journey vs. a set schedule of outreach. If you select the proper automated tool, this can be a breeze. But, the investment in the right tool should be made up-front to avoid signing lengthy contracts or overspending.

Sponsored programs: take advantage of productive partnerships

If you have the budget for it, sponsored programs are perfect for small teams. Sponsored programs are great for generating new names, and you can work with these sponsored vendors on just about any type of campaign. The great thing about sponsored programs is that most of the heavy lifting is done by the vendor—and at the end of the campaign or event, they will send over the list of leads.

Webinars or Podcasts: connect on demand

Webinars can be as inexpensive as using your Teams or Zoom channel and the time it takes to coordinate the panel and questions. However, the result can be significant in helping build your brand as a thought leader. And, although everyone seems to have their own podcast these days, did you know there are several vendors that will product your podcast for you? Think of being the online talent where all you have to worry about is being clever. Both webinars and podcasts offer an educational experience without requiring a major time commitment.

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